Ship Specs
The Crew of the Marquette & Bessemer No. 2....
  The number of men who perished in the wreck has been a debate for many years, but by using the research provided by Donna and others this is the most complete list I have to date.  
  Captain: Robert Rowan McLeod First Mate: John C. McLeod  
  Second Mate: Frank E. Stone Chief Engineer: Eugene Wood  
  First Assistant Chief: Edward Buckler Second Engineer: Thomas Kennedy  
  Fireman: Joe Shank * Steward: George R. Smith*  
  Purser: R. C. Smith Watchman: Frank Annis  
  Oiler: John Hart* Waiter: John W. Sauars  
  Coal Passer: Patrick Keith Coal Passer: William Ray*  
  Seaman: P. Hughes Seaman: Charles Coutts  
  Fireman: F. Steele* Second Cook: Harry Thomas*  
  Waiter: Manuel Souars* Coal Passer: Charles Allen*  
  Coal Passer: J. O'Hagen* Fireman W. Wigglesworth  
  Wheelsman W. Wilson Wheelsman: J. Clancy  
  Oiler: J. Wertz Watchman: Fred Walker  
  Coal Passer: Ray Hines Coal Paser: John King  
  Coal Passer: J. Bailey Seaman: F. Barrett  
  Seaman: Edward Harvey Seaman: D. Ball  
  Passenger: Albert J. Weis    
  * Indicates that the body was among the 9 found in lifeboat #4    
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