Ship Specs

Ship Specifications
of a
Steel Twin Screw Car Ferry
Marquette & Bessemer No. 2 Hull # 428

  Length over all   350 feet, 0 in.  
  Length Perpendiculars, about   338 feet, 0 in.  
  Beam, Moulded   54 feet, 0 in.  
  Depth, to main deck   19 feet 6 in.  
  Depth at center, main deck to shade deck   17 feet 0 in.  
  Depth at side, main deck to shade deck   16 feet 9 in.  
  Draft of water with 30 loaded cars of 30
tons capicty and 200 tons coal, not
to exceed
  14 feet, 0 in.  
  Camber of main deck beem   0 feet, 9 in.  
  Camber of spar deck beem   1 foot, 0 in.  
  Rise of floor on 27 feet, 0 in.   2 feet, 0 in.  
  Builders to guarantee a working speed of not less than 12 miles, loaded.  
L. B. Williams Consultant
American Shipbuilding Co.
Cleveland, Ohio